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The Committee of the 4th NanoScientific Forum Europe, September 15-17, 2021 Announces that the Event

(Freiburg, Germany, May 10, 2021) The NSFE 2021 committee is delighted to announce that this year's NanoScientific Forum Europe goes virtual and global! The forum will be hosted by Dr. Thorsten Hugel and Dr. Bizan Balzer from the Institute of Physical Chemistry, University Freiburg, who warmly invite the scientific community of the scanning probe microscopy field to this virtual event!

Researchers from the global SPM fields are invited to submit their contributions: Abstract submission ends on June 1.

All keynote and contributed talks as well as the practical live hands-on-sessions on Park Systems AFM instruments will be given live online, followed by live discussions at virtual tables. The virtual NSFE 2021 will also include an E-Poster session and image contest with amazing prizes!

With over 15 keynote speakers, the scientific focus will lay on investigating comprehensive biomaterials via diverse SPM techniques, novel studies in nanoelectronics applications, insights into the electrochemical footprints of materials, and much more. A special session during the event will be dedicated to Nanotribology via Scanning Probe Microscopy and its Applications.

"I’m excited to give insights into the scope and applications of high-resolution electrochemistry to the European and global SPM audience. Certainly, the virtual format makes it possible for me and other researchers from all over the world to join this event," enthusiastically comments Dr. Martin Edwards from University of Arkansas, USA, the keynote speaker at NSFE 2021.

In the practical hands-on sessions, the scientists will not only have a chance to learn the latest advances in different nanoscale measuring techniques like high-resolution AFM imaging or nanomechanical characterization of materials, but will also get practical tips on how to correlate them to acquire stunning data for interdisciplinary research.

The virtual format will also provide an exciting interactive social program through which the attendees will have a chance to experience the flair of city of Freiburg and Black Forest. More information:

For more information contact:

Justyna Sliwa, Conference Organizer +49 (0) 621 490896-50

About NanoScientific Conferences

NSFE series is an open European AFM User Forum focusing on sharing and exchanging the cutting-edge research for both materials and life science disciplines using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).

Sponsored by Park Systems and NanoScientific Journal, NanoScientific conferences are offered world-wide to showcase advanced AFM applications and methodology, creating a link between research needs and technological solutions, driven by voice from the field.

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