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The Scientific Committee of the NanoScientific Forum Europe announces the 5th edition of the event t

(Feb. 10, 2022) The 5th NanoScientific Forum Europe (NSFE 2022) will take place on October 6-7 under the scientific lead of selected academic institutions in Europe and with a kind support of industrial nanotechnology partners.

Considering the still uncertain pandemic situation in Europe, the NSFE organizers decided to launch the event in a virtual form, opening its stage to the global SPM audience.

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2019 NSFE in Bologna, Italy. The last on-site edition, which we hope to come back to in 2023!

The research focus of the 5th NSFE 2022 will be laid on wide range of SPM applications and techniques that empower to transform life standards. We will talk about emerging nanomaterials for advanced technologies, functional surfaces and hybrid materials as well as innovative methods in nanotechnology and correlative microscopy.

"AFM techniques such as Kelvin probe force microscopy can provide unique insights on electronic properties of functional polymer samples at the nanoscale. With the ongoing, fast- paced progress in AFM research, the NSFE gives a great overview on recent developments and is an amazing opportunity particularly for young researchers to exchange ideas and connect to leading scientists in their fields," enthusiastically comments Dr. Ilka Hermes from Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden and the NSFE Committee Member.

The 2022 NSFE will include keynote and contributed lectures on Emerging Nanomaterials for Advanced Technologies, Functional Surfaces, Advanced Techniques and Automation in SPM and Correlative Microscopy. Live hands-on-sessions on Park Systems AFM instruments will be offered to the SPM users to learn the tips and tricks on various AFM techniques, such as nanomechanical and electrical characterization, characterization of soft materials in liquid environment, advanced imaging, high resolution imaging and AFM Automation for research. An exciting virtual social program for networking, exchange and fun is also planned for the NSFE participants.

Supported by the nanotechnology partner and global leader in the AFM manufacturing- Park Systems, the event creates a dialog between the research needs and industrial technology development.

For more information contact:

+49 (0) 621 490896-50


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