Keynote Talk  - Wednesday, 15 September I 10:25 AM (CEST)

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Prof. Dr. David Alsteens: "Probing Virus Binding Sites to Animal Cells Using Atomic Force Microscopy"

Nanobiophysics lab, Université catholique de Louvain, Croix du sud 4-5, bte L7.07.07, 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium

During the last three decades, a series of key technological improvements turned atomic force microscopy (AFM) into a nanoscopic laboratory to directly observe and chemically characterize molecular and cellular biological systems under physiological conditions. I will present the key technological improvements that enable us to apply AFM as analytical laboratory to observe and quantify living biological systems at the nanoscale. I will report the use of advanced FD-based technology combined with chemically functionalized tips to probe the localization and interactions of chemical and biological sites on single native proteins and on living cells at high-resolution. I will present how an atomic force and confocal microscopy set-up allows the surface receptor landscape of cells to be imaged and the virus binding events within the first millisecond of contact with the cell to be mapped at high resolution (<50 nm). I will also highlight theoretical approaches to contour the free-energy landscape of early binding events between virus and cell surface receptors.


Figure. Combination of AFM and fluorescence microscopy image showing an AFM tip functionalized with a single virus while mapping virus binding sites on living mammalian cells 


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