Dr. Thorsten Hugel
University Freiburg, Germany

"Comprehensive biomaterial characterization by AFM and fluorescence"

Prof. Dr. David Alsteens

UCLouvain, Belgium

Dr. Kerstin Blank

Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany

"Mechanoresponsive proteins - from molecular mechanisms towards applications in biology and materials science"

Prof. Nicholas D. Spencer

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Hermann E. Gaub

LMU Munich, Germany

Dr. Bizan Balzer

University Freiburg, Germany

"Single Molecule Friction" 

Dr. Céline Lichtensteiger

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Karin Jacobs

Saarland University, Germany

Prof. Dr. Georg Papastavro

University of Bayreuth, Germany

Prof. Dr. Lukas Eng

Technical University Dresden, Germany

Dr. Alice Pyne

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

“Single-molecule force spectroscopy at biomaterial surfaces”

"Engineering biophysical properties of molecular therapeutics"

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